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Our Blog May 18, 2023

The Significance of Search Trends Data for Marketers

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Marketing professionals can utilise Search Engine Trend as a special and practical tool to monitor consumer interests and search terms. However, it’s also important for businesses to monitor the health of their brand image and break down customer interests to identify the driving forces behind content creation. Despite the fact that the majority of users only skim the surface of the data provided by search trends. Therefore, in order to understand how search trends impact markets, we must first understand the patterns that marketers should adhere to in order to showcase their brand on search engine result pages (SERP).

Marketing by Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Setting a marketing strategy is really challenging for a brick and mortar business or tier one firm. To rank first on the search engine result page (SERP), marketers must conduct thorough research on search engine trends. The website’s content and keyword research will take precedence over all other considerations. That website’s backlinks ought to have high domain authority. A website’s relevant content always has a positive effect on both users and search engines. The marketer can simply stand out on the first page of search engine result pages (SERP) by raising the quality score of the website.

Brand health

The best way for big brands to understand their brand health in comparison to rivals is to look at search trends. This kind of analytical data can help marketers identify the areas where your brand should focus to have a greater influence. Marketers can create their plan to increase traffic and brand awareness based on search patterns and analytical data from your website.

Learn about Real-Time Marketing Techniques

More than 100 million searches are now made each month, and search trends now provide information in real time, minute by minute. Marketers are now responsible for assessing the search trends at various times and at major occasions like the Oscars, IPL games, FIFA World Cups, etc. You can select any time period to receive minute-by-minute reports.

What then is the best way for a marketer to use this data for real-time marketing? Marketers should develop a plan by keeping an eye on search phrase surges during special events to determine which subject is piqueing viewers’ interest. After doing so, choose a suitable marketing venue for your company to launch a real-time marketing campaign and boost social media traffic.

Oreo’s fortunate tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl, when the lights went out in the New Orleans Superdome for 34 minutes, serves as an example of real-time marketing using Google Trends data. This advertisement was put very quickly by Oreo’s marketing department. The one message has received more than 15,000 retweets as of today, demonstrating how much Twitter users loved and shared it.

Look More into Popular Topics

The “Story Centric” main page that Search Trends currently boasts of gathers data from Google search, YouTube, and Google news. The most popular stories are ranked first in accordance with search patterns. On the search page, this is by far the trending or reaching pattern that is most in demand. The dashboard will show all relevant articles, videos, and any changes in interest from a few days ago if a user searches for a topic on a search engine.

If your firm falls under the technological sector, it would be quite advantageous if you concentrated on content creation, according to search trends. It will help to increase traffic to your website if you write an article on a widely popular subject. When you notice evidence that the visitors’ interest is growing, you can even make sure that you capitalise on the situation.

Digital marketing versus conventional advertising

According to research on search engine trending data, digital marketing methods are clearly dominating and redefining the new, updated marketing landscape. Looking at more conventional kinds of advertising — TV, outdoor, and print — all down gradually, you’ll observe a sharp-edged contrast in this pattern. Retargeting, programmatic advertising, marketing automation, native advertising, and content marketing platforms are all experiencing explosive growth in search volume.

These are some crucial ideas that a marketer should always bear in mind if they want to distinguish their brand from those of their rivals on the search page. Despite the fact that trends might alter at any time. However, some practical search techniques for sound branding will never change.

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