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  • Category B2C
  • Client YourDrs
  • Services User Experience & Interface DesignFront End Development
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Company Overview

YourDrs was born in 2013 to one simple idea: as a patient, you should be able to control your own healthcare. That means you should be able to schedule your own appointments, keep your records in one easy to access place and choose your care team. Once the idea was born, it cumulated and grew into an idea that, quite frankly, we all wanted to sign up for. As patients for our whole lives, there is nothing that we appreciate more than easy, quality care; the doctors affiliated with the YourDRs network go through an extensive credentialing process to ensure that our network consists of only the very best, most qualified physicians.

  • + User Experience & Interface Design
  • + Front End Development
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Case Study


To maximize Online Booking and Virtual appointments through registrations. Build brand awareness and showcase the brand as one-stop-shop for all orthopedic treatments.


Having an upfront Search for Doctors as per Specialty and Location Made the homepage design in a conversational format that solved the problem by asking a major question 'Where does it Hurt?' and made it more relevant for the patient to connect Built a good user flow and patient on boarding journey


To build a good user flow and patient onboarding journey To be a knowledge hub for all Orthopedic ailments and research source.

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