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  • Services Performance Marketing
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Company Overview

Yellow.ai, a global leader in conversational AI delivers autonomous, human-like experiences for customers and employees to accelerate enterprise growth. Enabled by generative AI-powered Dynamic Automation Platform, the company delivers conversational experiences via dynamic AI agents that help enterprises achieve higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

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Case Study


Drive awareness, consideration and preliminary business enquiries for various Chatbot related solutions offered by yellow.ai in US, UK, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, Middle East Asia, Latin America, India, Sri lanka and ANZ.


Search ad campaigns for industry-specific solutions to generate high intent leads for every region.
Targeting informational/research keywords focussed on customer pain points which helps in building top-of-the-funnel and brand recall
Campaign restructuring for search ads by proper keyword theming and having specific landing pages for each theme/Adgroup which helped in improving the overall quality score.
Regular Keyword Audit by eliminating keywords with low quality score and improving the Ad relevance, landing page Experience by having Adgroup/keyword specific content for the respective landing pages to make sure there is continuity from keyword --> Ad --> Landing Page.
Targeting Custom intent based keywords on Youtube and Discovery ads in order to drive leads through high intent Audience.
Remarketing Website Visitors with Google Display and Youtube Ads.

Direct Response Ads targeting decision makers/C-suite blended with Job function & Member skill for each solution at a region level.
Both Native lead generation and Website conversion were tested in order to find which configuration gives better MQL > SQL rate.
Industry focussed content distribution campaign with relevant (Case Studies/Whitepapers)were used by making them gated content assets as a part of middle-of-the-funnel audience building.
Event registration via inmails to send personalised invites for better registration rates.
Remarketing different segments of audiences on Linkedin like video viewers, form engagers, web site visitors.

Using Facebook for Retargeting Website Visitors and Engagement based Audience.


118% Increase in buscciness leads through search campaigns with Similar Cost per Lead
52% Increase in overall Search impression Share for Search Campaigns
35% Increase in Conv. rate for “Artificial Intelligence Chatbot” Solution
12% of the overall lead generated were of Enterprises.
129% Increase in MQL > SQL rate through Website conversion campaign compared to Native lead generation campaigns on Linkedin
68% Click Through Rate For inmail Campaigns with personalised invites for Event registration compared to 0.3% CTR for Generic ads with website conversion campaign

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