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Spar Hypermarket

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Company Overview

SPAR Hypermarkets in India is a result of a strategic partnership between Dubai based Landmark Group’s Max Hypermarkets India Pvt. Ltd. & Amsterdam based SPAR International. The company started with one store in 1932 and now comprises of 12,500+ stores in 44 countries across 4 continents. SPAR India currently has 21 stores across 9 cities; Bengaluru, Mangalore, Shimoga, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurugram, & Ghaziabad.

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  • + Corporate Website Maintenance
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  • + E-Commerce Web design
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Case Study


SPAR Hypermarket being a predominantly offline retail brand wanted to drive sales through online for all 20 stores of SPAR across India, owing to the challenge of losing market share to technology disruptors such as Big Basket, Amazon Now & Grofers
SPAR with the help of its customers wanted to collect 7,200 gifts for the 7,200 children of SOS Children’s Villages in India.
Spar wanted their customers to be a Santa Claus to those children and make them feel special, send them some love and blessings and encourage them to dream.
The brand believed this act of love and kindness would not only make their customers feel good doing something for children who do not have parents to give them a regular life but will also make the children feel special, loved and a part of the society


Brand keyword search campaigns, showing up the ads for the audience who are searching for SPAR brand online
Generic keyword search campaigns, showing up the ads for the audience who are searching for groceries or vegetables online
Dynamic remarketing campaigns, showing dynamic product ads to the audience who has already visited the website
Gmail sponsored promotional ads to highlight the offers to the existing customers

The campaign begun with first tying up with SOS village to have a credible partner that can work with us to make a difference. Followed by the campaign strategy - online and offline

For Offline, the first step our client, SPAR took was to set up small gift counter in every store with heavy discounts on the gift range for the various gift wishes of those kids.  Some of the gifts included, football, school bag, geometry box, board games and so on

For Online, the second step that we, Webenza took was promoting it on social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube) which made it go viral in the 8 SPAR store locations in India

The key media used during this campaign was videos on social channels where the campaign kicked off with the first prelude video to create excitement and how one can be a part of it. This video was followed by multiple short videos that encapsulate the wishes of each child this Christmas, from owning a pencil box to board games and more. This was followed by the main video that explained the entire campaign’s journey within 3.5 mins

The campaign was launched across 8 cities where SPAR had its footprint. Our target audience both offline & online was anybody and everybody who sets their foot at SPAR for their shopping needs

  The initiative was promoted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, with some offline media support such as Print and On-ground activities

The campaign generated organic reach worth USD 1 Million across
www.telanganatoday.com to name a few

We also collaborated with 4 bloggers/ influencers – 2 from Bangalore & 2 from Delhi keeping in mind the North & the South audience


Consistently driving 1 lakh users to the website per month and generating sales worth USD 100,000 MOM by maintaining ACOS between 5-10% . Below is the contribution from individual channels.

Paid search - 23.22%
Display – 6.36%
Organic – 21.35%
Direct – 26.39%
Facebook - 12.18%
Others – 10.5%

The campaign was measured through the inbuilt analytics that each channel provides which majorly reflected the Total Reach or Total Impression and the Total Engagement in the span of 23 days

Total impressions gained by the campaign – 40,00,000+
Total video views – 16,00,000+

Following are the breakup of metrics between channels

Total Reach –27,86,861
Total Impression – 38,08,316
Total Engagement –80,000+
Total Video Views – 14,00,055
New Fans – 7,197

Total Impressions –1,03,021
Total Engagement – 516
New Followers – 4,799

Total Reach – 5,184
Total Engagement – 741
New Followers – 49

Total Views – 2,42,694

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