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  • Category B2B
  • Client Rittal
  • Services Performance Marketing
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Company Overview

Since starting its journey in 1961 in Germany, Rittal has evolved into the world’s leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software and services. The company caters to a wide range of industries, from machinery and plant engineering to the automotive industry to IT.

  • + Performance Marketing
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Case Study


Despite being a well-known entity in traditional industries, the awareness of Rittal’s smart and innovative solutions among non-traditional industries was low. There was a need to generate leads in order and grow the business by ten times. The bottleneck in this process was the lack of a landing page to generate leads. The main website was hosted in a German server that was highly secured - making it difficult to implement any tracking mechanism. As a result, the brand could not run any campaign as it would have been expensive with no hope of a significant outcome.


The primary approach was to create a microsite. Rittal designed a sales funnel and replicated the same on their microsite. This enabled the brand to track and understand user behavior in a precise way. Rittal ran video campaigns on LinkedIn and YouTube and retargeted them using Google display Media buy campaigns for branding were also executed LinkedIn and Google search ads were initiated for lead generation Some of the best B2B brand websites were also targeted to generate a buzz about the brand


Rittal successfully generated 991+ corporate leads through LinkedIn and Google ads, positioning them as a leader in the Indian industry. In addition, 30% of the total corporate leads generated were converted into sales.

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