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Excelling Opportunity

Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions, was in need of a corporate website that could reflect their brand and demonstrate the impact of their technologies in the global market. Our team stepped in to create a solution that would showcase Kirusa’s vision and cutting-edge mobile services. With our expertise in web development, we built a website that reflects Kirusa’s commitment to leveraging the power of voice, and their partnerships with mobile carriers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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key outcomes after our company worked on Kirusa's website:

  • Collaborative approach: Our team held several meetings with Kirusa's key stakeholders and product managers to understand their brand, user requirements, and focus on voice.
  • Complex design: We worked with Kirusa's rebranding exercises and came up with a multi-tiered sectional scroll design approach with coded animations that creatively showcased their voice-based technology solutions.
  • Modern website: The end result was a modern website that fully resonated with Kirusa's new brand in every sense.
  • Visual appeal: The website gave a strong visual connection to the otherwise intangible asset - voice, and showcased all their products and services in an easy to understand manner.
  • SVG animations: We included 8 SVG animations, which added to the overall visual appeal and user experience.
  • Multiple layouts: We wireframed and designed 8 unique layouts and launched the website with over 25 pages.

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