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Company Overview

Indeed is the world’s No. 1 job portal with headquarters in the US and presence in over 60 countries. The platform leverages AI learning mechanisms to ensure the best match between candidate and employer. While there’s no direct competition from a product standpoint, in terms of category, Indeed is up against Indian job portals such as Naukri.com and Shine.com and global platforms such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

  • + Digital Strategy Consulting
  • + Campaign Ideation
  • + Community Building
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Case Study


Launch a high-visibility campaign to ensure brand differentiation in the crowded job-seeker market Improve brand lift amongst brand-aware users in Tier-1 cities Reach new audiences in Tier-2 and 3 cities across India

Webenza’s Approach & Strategy:

The Idea: Reinforce the differentiated positioning as the preferred 'Job Search Engine' Crafted campaign theme as 'Indeed Pe Dhoondo' which translates into 'Search on Indeed' Drives home the brand truth – with the extensive job opportunities that Indeed provides, there is no need to search elsewhere The Channel: TikTok was proposed as the campaign channel based on the ideal demographic fit offered by the platform As a social network/content creation platform, TikTok is popular among the 18 to 34 years TG, with a strong presence in Tier-2 and 3 cities Execution: While the channel offers an ideal set of demographics, the challenge was to roll out a campaign that resonates well with TikTok power users We produced a foot-tapping rap number, replete with a catchy jingle and choreographed signature dance moves – exuding energy and confidence while delivering the key message that you do not have to go anywhere else for your job search To cut through the clutter, we curated content roping in the most popular TikTok influencers for the campaign An array of 20 Tier-1 TikTok influencers including Jannat Zubair and Avneet Kaur performed the choreographed dance moves in sync with the rap number This turned out to be a masterstroke as the campaign ended up delivering one of the biggest successes TikTok had ever seen at that time Leveraging the momentum of the curated Influencer videos and the platform's visibility, we launched the #IndeedPeDhoondo challenge to garner user generated content The message resonance with TikTok users resulted in over 4 million people creating videos using the campaign hashtag We also negotiated high visibility home-page media inventory with TikTok to generate initial visibility and engagement for the campaign

Campaign Results:

22 billion views (as of April 2020) for the Campaign landing page + #IndeedPeDhoondo on TikTok - nearly 76% of overall campaign views were organic 11.59% engagement rate on the hashtag challenge (against TikTok's Industry benchmark rate of 7-9%) 4 million+ User Generated Videos, out of which 1.5 million videos were by unique creators (the previous highest on TikTok was 2 million) 4 billion+ views were generated on hashtag during the paid promotional period of 3 days from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb’20 (against TikTok's benchmark of 1.5 billion) Over 24 million shares, making it the most successful campaign (single stretch) on TikTok till date Take-over inventory for the campaign had clocked a CTR of 14.92% (against TikTok's benchmark of 11-13%) The brand experienced significant lift and higher website traffic during the campaign phase - making it Indeed’s most successful brand visibility campaign, ever (All benchmark data as per the benchmarking done by TikTok for Q4 of 2019)

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