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  • Category B2C
  • Client Himalaya
  • Services Social Media Marketing
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Company Overview

Himalaya was founded in 1930 with a clear vision to introduce Ayurveda to the contemporary world. The brand offers an array of personal hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, oils and creams.

  • + Social Media Marketing
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Case Study


Himalaya Hair Care wanted to made its debut on social media by reinforcing its image of being a trusted problem-solution brand. The outcome was the successful #HealthyHairKaVaada campaign.


New Year is when people make resolutions to better themselves. To leverage this insight, we encouraged consumers to make a promise to their hair - to keep it healthy, in line with the brand promise of #HealthyHairKaVaada.

Our Digital Plan:

Influencer Engagement
User Generated Content
Drivers to Grow Brand Awareness

How we did it:

Phase 1: Engage
5 leading beauty bloggers encouraged women to make a New Year promise of keeping their hair healthy, resulting in User Generated Content
We also put-up posts calling for pledges

Phase 2: Educate
Informative content pieces focusing on how Himalaya helps women keep their promises

Phase 3: Influence
Testimonial Videos as an extension of Phase 1 where Influencers share their experiences & benefits of their #HealthyHairKaVaada with Himalaya Hair Care


Consistent website traffic of 100,000 Users per month
Generated sales worth $100,000 MOM
with 5-10% ACOS
Added 800 new followers on Instagram in just 30 days of Phase 1

On Social Media:

2M+ Views
7M+ Reached
100K Engagement
11.6M+ Impressions
76 Pledges

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