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  • Category B2B
  • Client Eurotherm
  • Services Performance Marketing
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Company Overview

Eurotherm is a leading global supplier of of machine automation products, applications, systems and services for customers in specialist industries. Eurotherm have more than 50 years’ experience , supported by engineering services designed to enable customers to achieve process excellence across plant-wide assets.

  • + Performance Marketing
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Case Study


Eurotherm APAC marketing team sought Webenza’s help in building their LinkedIn APAC page. The initial number of follower were at 66. One of the main objective was to scale the number of followers on the page. On the other hand we wanted to test LinkedIn as a platform for Eurotherm to generate brand awareness and build a pipeline of marketing qualified lead in India geography.


Instead of traditionally targeting designations and industry, we decided to implement Account based marketing in Life sciences and heat treatment industry in India. We implemented four campaigns within selected accounts in the span of 2 months as follows:


LinkedIn campaign KPIs exceeded the industry benchmarks 12X follower growth, adding 875 new LinkedIn followers during the campaign 97 leads were generated at lesser than USD 11 a lead ABM Inmail Campaigns contributed to 90% of the overall lead gen output

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