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Bosch India

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Company Overview

In India, Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. Additionally, Bosch has, in India, the largest development center outside Germany, for end to end engineering and technology solutions.

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Case Study


The ABS and ESP technologies have been a key revolution in the automobile industry for the safety of the rider and drivers. We wanted to celebrate its existence and evolution over the last 25 years by engaging with companies in the automobile industry who are Bosch;’ existing partners as well as prospective partners/investors along with automobile enthusiasts.


Everyone who owns a vehicle is aware of what ABS is and its importance in the vehicle. While ESP is also a very important feature, not many people are aware of its function and benefits.
Engage with the audience and share interesting facts and information about ABS
Educate the audience about ESP, its importance, function, history and benefits

How we did it:

Phase 1: Awareness
We created awareness by showcasing the features and stability that ABS and ESP brings to a vehicle.
#StabilityForLife #25YearsOFSafeRiding #SafetyForLife

Phase 2: Engage
Through a series of quizzes such as crosswords and MCQs, we took a two-pronged approach of educating the audience on the features, benefits and facts and engage them at the same time.

Phase 3: Re-Emphasise
This led to campaign’s last leg - Testimonial Videos and an interactive session with the senior management of the team. This tied back to the first two phases by providing trust and reassurance through humanize approach.
This helped reemphasizing the messaging to the audience on it benefits, features uniqueness and understanding its functions and differences between ABS and ESP.


Increase in followership by 4.9% on LinkedIn and 15% on Instagram in a span of 30 days 500% increase in Engagement on Facebook with cpe of ₹0.02 -₹0.34
93% increase in engagement on LinkedIn with the senior management, CEO and automobile enthusiasts from companies like Mercedes Benz, Maruthi Suzuki, Honda Motors and so on that interacted with the content and the page with a minimal CPV of ₹0.08 - ₹1.21 and CPE of ₹17
We saw an organic increase of 170% in the engagement rate on Instagram and the highest organic increase of 139 followers within a span of 2 weeks on Twitter.

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