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Our Blog May 9, 2023

Online advertising
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For some people, ignorance may be bliss; for others, doing their study will put them ahead of the game. In the digital era, content is king, and it needs to be properly optimised to reach the right audience. The following examples of digital common sense can improve your campaigns:

1. Know the ‘T’: The Target Audience is something you must always remember in all of your online and even traditional ad campaigns. Because you eventually want your commercials to reach your current and potential customers, doing thorough research on them is usually beneficial when creating communications or including them in advertisements.

2. Those first few words: One of the limitations of online advertising is that there is always too much to refer to and not enough time for individuals to spend. To get people’s attention, the initial few words and the copy must be chosen carefully.

3. Sharing is caring: Online users have a very short attention span, as was already mentioned, but there is always a greater likelihood that they will watch, read, or play something that a friend has shared. Give them links or tabs to share so that your content can be seen by more people.

4. Picture perfect: The human brain is a complicated structure, and studies have shown that things in pictures are more likely to be remembered. Therefore, be sure that your campaign promotion includes the appropriate number of images that showcase your brand’s colours and convey its emotions to the audience.

5. CPM or CPC: Online advertising efforts cannot be completely organic since they cost money and if they are not optimised properly, they can cost a lot of money. If your primary objective is to build your brand’s reputation and increase consumer recall, use a CPM (Cost per mille, or cost based on thousand impressions) approach to reach out to potential customers. When selling through your campaign is your major objective, you may use CPC (Cost per Click). However, click through rate might be a decisive element and should also be taken into consideration.

6. Let them ‘give it back’: Our customers enjoy speaking, and they absolutely appreciate it when you listen to them. Keep a feedback option in your campaign at all times. It not only aids in improvement but also aids in assuring customers of your capacity for problem-solving.

7. Keep watching!: Last but not least, keep an eye on the trends and continue to analyse your performance and progress using analytical tools to determine what is and is not working for you. Keeping an eye on these trends will help you refine your ideas.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, especially when it comes to your campaigns hoping to go back and it being hard to restore the harm. These simple guidelines do not ensure your success, but they do assist you in avoiding endangering your campaigns with excessive spending and insufficient exposure. In the end, content reigns supreme, but if you want to advertise yourself online, you had better be an expert in your field!

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